Versatile WordPress

The award winning WordPress is one of the most popular open source content management systems available and have millions of websites worldwide. This tried and tested system can be extensively customised using its many and varied features  to create the ideal website for your business or service.


wordpressWordPress is an alternative content management system (CMS), which enables you to build websites and blog style websites. WordPress is currently the most popular blogging system in use on the Web with more than 60 million websites worldwide. WordPress is a template driven system which means there is a high level of control over the appearance of the website pages. Benefits of WordPress include:

  • Updating or adding any content within the pages of your website is very simple as WordPress was originally created as blogging software.
    The WordPress community is large and vibrant, offering everything from tutorials to a vast amount of free plugins that can visually or technically enhance your website pages.
  • Open Source – WordPress is distributed as an open source product under the terms of the GNU General Public License; essentially you are not bound by license fees.
  • If you wish to reach the top results of a search within Google, you will be happy to know that WordPress offers many search engine optimisation options that can help to make you more visible to search engines.

WordPress has a huge choice of third party ‘plug-ins’, some commercial and some free of charge. These give the website much more functionality such as ecommerce, event bookings, calendars, photographic galleries, video and audio, slideshows and much more.

Why use Open Source?

Lower costs

It may be obvious but it is worth mentioning that, almost universally, the implementation, support and subsequent development of an open source platform will be significantly cheaper than a bespoke commercial website. With open source products you are paying for the service and not the software, which means that a significant proportion of your overall budget can go into the actual design and production of your website.


The flexibility offered by open source is created by the ability to amend and adapt the core code. In the right hands this can be a powerful advantage, though it must be said that careful control and planning is required to avoid costly “over development”.

Access & Support

Many open source products are supported by in international development community. Patches, updates and enhancements are generally both regular, robust and available. However, if you wish, Artwebco can provide a custom made maintenance and updating service designed specifically for you and your website at a very competitive cost. Simply call for details.

Universally Robust

The nature of open source systems means that they are often required to perform in a huge number of diverse environments. The testing on such a variety of platforms and subsequent adjustments and fixes would be virtually impossible to replicate using a commercial model. This makes them extremely robust and well tested at virtually no cost to the end user.

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